Top 3 Instagram Photo Editing Apps

Top 3 Best Photo Editing Aoftware for Instagram

There are lot of photo editing apps available in the market but today we are going to look at the top 3 Instagram photo editing apps available and they are as follows:

#3 Snapseed

Snapseed is a photo editing app available for smartphones. The Snapseed app was launched by google on june 2011. The app is available for both ios and android and it can be downloaded from iTunes as well as Google play-store.

Top 3 Instagram Photo Editing Apps

The snapseed app has lot of new tools and function built right into the app. Its new tools llike Brush, Lens Blur, Spot Repair and zoom controls combined with easy to use interface provides seamless photo editing experience. Snapseed is one of the best photo editing app developed by google and provides great features and functions.

#2 Camera Plus

Camera plus is photo editing app initially developed for ios devices on October 2012 but currently the Camera plus app is also available for android. The camera plus app has more than 14 million users and provides lot of class leading photo editing options.

Its user friendly interface combined with various tools like stabilizer, exposure, focus, timer, front flash, scene modes, effects, a clarity feature, lightbox and digital zoom provides great user experience. The camera plus is a great photo editing app available for smartphones. Also, make sure to visit Hacktivist if you want to know some interesting stuff about inactive Instagram followers!

#1 VSCO Cam

Vsco cam is the beginner friendly as well as pro level photo editing app available currently in the market. The app is available for both ios as well as Android. The simplest user interface combined with various features and tools like high quality 10 photographic filters, Sharpen, Saturation, Exposure, Contrast, Straighten, Crop, Shadows Save, Tint, Color Temperature and Fade provides great experience to the user.

The app also has built-in manual and pro controls to get some ineradicable edited photos. Each and every setting of the photo can be adjusted with the help of this Vsco Cam app. It is one the best and features rich app available currently in the market for smartphones.