Social Networking Instagram Vs Pinterest

Instagram Vs Pinterest

With over 250 million users on Instagram, the web is a huge shot for any individual who intends to advertisement his/her business and product. Being a photo sharing web resource engaging users in a webbed community, Instagram makes advertising more real and visible. It is no news the fact that a picture speaks louder words, and Instagram have created a good number of testimonials.

Social networking has robbed the 21st century market of its key strategies for promoting prospects and fetching prospects. One thing is that Instagram is a powerful way to pull in large customers and subsequently boost sales.

Social Networking Instagram Vs Pinterest

Some techniques like giving off discount codes are being employed in hurling in more followers from other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The network also has led to increased traffic for many users, which can generate targeted leads over time.

Instagram promotes trust and loyalty on the part of your customers. How some users do this is by taking photographs of their businesses and posting the pictures on the network. It keeps your followers updated and loyal. Have a look at our homepage to see the difference between active and non active Instagram followers.

Instagram also allows a short video upload of about 15 seconds. This has been taken as an opportunity for people to showcase their companies, the products they sell, and the stamp a powerful impression. Most persons have turned in huge sales by uploading videos, especially when the video are entertaining and informative.

One really beautiful property of Instagram is that it is a virgin platform compared to networks like facebook and twitter for small scale businesses. This is a fortunate situation for businesses that currently utilize the network in that they experience a much reduced competition. Studies show that only about 3% of small scale businesses are utilizing Instagram which makes it easier for such businesses to hit their target audience.

Instagram is not a youth based platform, in fact studies have shown that a large percentage of individuals born around the 80s are users of the network. This made it a heavy promotional option for those whose businesses are in the domain of such circle.